Tennessee’s anti-LGBT slate of hate includes:

  • SB 1282/HB 1369 “Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act, a bill to defy the Supreme Court ruling and try to ban the freedom to marry for LGBT couples.
  • HB 836, SB 1304, HB 1152, SB 848, these bills would create a license to discriminate for taxpayer-funded adoption and foster care services to refuse to place children with qualified families if the family doesn’t share all of the agency’s religious beliefs.
  • HB 563, the Business License to Discriminate Bill commonly. This bill would give businesses a broad license to discriminate against LGBT people, preventing local municipalities from implementing policies that bar taxpayer funds from being used by businesses and contractors, to discriminate against LGBT people.
  • SB 1499/HB 1274, bills which would require the Tennessee Attorney General to either pay for legal costs, or itself defend, discriminatory anti-transgender school policies.
  • HB 1151/SB 1297, bills that would enable harassment of transgender people in public places.

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